Stepping In My Stilettos: 


Thought it would be cool to do a daily word prompt from WordPress. The Word of the day: “MAYBE.”  Yeah maybe!  Want to hear something funny?  Until I was in about the 7th grade, I just knew ‘maybe’ was spelled ‘maby.’   I would legit argue with anyone who told me otherwise… but then, along came someone with ol’ Webster who wouldn’t be intimidated by my force… and from that day forward I spell it correctly. Don’t ask me how I got that far without knowing the correct spelling.  I was a spelling bee champ!  But now, I’m way off of what I came here to write about! So here goes… 

Maybe I’ll get to it.  Maybe I won’t.  Maybe I’ll stay focused today at work and get all of my accounting done.  *Sigh, I sure hate accounting day.  But, I’m already off focus.  Maybe I’ll stop procrastinating and by some miracle I’ll get it all done anyway.  Do I even belong here?  I’ve got too many talents to be behind a desk building someone else’s business.  But, here is where my loyalty lies and maybe that’s okay.   Maybe I’ll go home and finish a few centerpieces after bible study tonight, or maybe I’ll be too tired to do anything and just go straight to sleep.  That sounds about right.   Maybe  I’ll push myself anyway and stay up and do all I need to do this evening.  Maybe I’ll continue to build my business on my back, bit by bit, everyday, regardless of the struggle.   Maybe one day, I won’t have two jobs, just 1, my dream job.  Gosh, I just love what I do!  Maybe I’ll be able to do it full time soon. The way things are going, I just might!  I used to put it off, thinking I needed to wait for marriage before going into my business full time.  What a foolish thought!   Is it crazy to say that I no longer care?!  I refuse to wait for something that may or may not happen before I live out my dreams, or before I walk in my calling.  At this point, I’m working my business full time and my job full time.  Today I thought:  “This is the time of my life! I’m seriously enjoying it!  Maybe its perfect for me!” 

by, Grace:


Isn’t interesting how quickly we begin to worry about, well, everything.  From small things to life changing scenarios.  We quickly develop questions and answers to things happening within the next few moments to things happening 10 years into our futures.   It’s normal, to have dilemmas, to set goals, and to strategically map our success stories.  But it occurred to me, that perhaps I lack TRUST in God’s perfect design for my life.  It’s so easy to worry about our future rather than to just put it in the hands of the Father and rest in His will. This is an area that needs constant attention and effort.  I don’t have to worry about what direction my life will head in, as long as the Captain of my ship not only controls the sails, but also the winds and the waves!  I simply need to focus on my obedience to God and His will for me and I’m sure I’ll be just fine. #TrustFall  His timing is perfect, and His way is divine.

 Philippians 1:6  KJV Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

Till next time… Press into Him. Rest In Him.    Father, I will trust You. – Lana

By, Grace





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    Well written!!! Now that I’m resting in God I’m in a subconscious state of mind. So therefore, I can’t hear anything around me that is not for me. I can only hear God’s” still small voice.” I am now sensitive to the voice of God!! When I awaken from “his”rest I am renewed for his Glory!!

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    1. amen… that’s the peace, that surpasses understanding. Resting in God produces peace


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