Human Hibernation

Stepping In My Stilettos

Human Hibernation

Ah, October…  I have missed you. Your gorgeous warm hues, crisp morning air, and apple cinnamon scents are finally back again.  The sunsets are inspiring, the fashion is liberating, and nature’s canvas is breathtaking.  Shorter days, longer evenings, and the acoustics of rustling leaves are upon us to grace us with the perfect hibernating atmosphere. Here it is; the home stretch. I relish the idea of climbing into bed with a good book and staying there for the rest of the year; not being confronted with the reality of, well, anything.  That is, of course, until the resolutions of New Year’s celebrations come banging on my door. But for now, I rest… 

by, Grace

Human Hibernation

Autumn and winter are  the best times of the year (if any) to be lazy, eat things covered in sugar or wrapped in carbs without the guilt of a swimsuit body, and indulge in impulse shopping for all the things you think you need to have.  For me, its hibernation time, my time to really focus.  I get to rest easy and  cuddle with awesome authors behind lively pages and hardcovers.  But the older I get, the more autumn evolves. This year my hibernation-mode will be different.  I have chosen to really take advantage of all the extra time I spend indoors and to use it wisely.

What better time to focus on the important things in life, pray, read, and meditate? Instead of sleeping early every night, I’ll be up working on building my business.  Instead of splurging on cozy scarves and must-have fashion trends, I’m exploring new ways to save money and make my own scarves.

This season will allow me to really hone in on my goals for next year. Human hibernation (though not literally possible for humans) is supposed to be refreshing, to prepare you for the future.

Human Hibernation

How often do we set New Year’s resolutions and goals that we forget about by mid-February?  That’s because we haven’t developed the habits necessary to produce results and keep us motivated to reach those goals.  If you really want to see results next year, start now! Life is slower, and you have more time to reflect on current behaviors and habits as well as create new ones.

Here’s an activity! Create these 2 lists:

  1. Write down habits that are non-productive, don’t help you, or that you simply want to quit.
  2. Write down habits that you want to develop, wish you had, or need to have in order to achieve your goals next year.

Now write down a plan of action.  How do you plan to quit/start each habit?  What are some practices for you to put into action? What are some obstacles you may encounter?  How will you overcome those obstacles? 

Creating good habits and destroying bad habits now, will enable you to reach your goals next year.  You have to prepare now.

Human Hibernation

Consider the woman in Proverbs chapter 31. She was the epitome of a wise working woman with the ability to utilize her time to its maximum capacity.  She had to have taken time to brainstorm ways to make and save money, find strategies to take care of her household, and develop techniques to make the best use of each day.

The beauty of this human hibernation concept though, is that it applies to everyone,  without discrimination; yes men should hibernate too!

Human Hibernation

So, during this season, while you are indoors for the majority of the time.  Set realistic goals, create aggressive action plans, re-do monthly budgets, analyze your habits, follow up, and really commit to seeing results. You will thank yourself next year!

Proverbs 31:31 (KJV) Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

Father help me to use this time to hibernate wisely. Love, Lana.

by, Grace


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