Minimalism Anxieties

Stepping in My Stilettos

Minimalism Anxieties

I have so much stuff! Too much stuff! Too many clothes I don’t wear, can’t fit, or hope to be able to squeeze into someday.  Too many expensive shoes lining my shelves, collecting dust as I am without occasions to wear them.  My linen closet is stacked with linen though I only have 1 bed and I live alone.   My house, in my eyes, resembles the scene from the movie Alvin and The Chipmunks- Road Chip when the squirrels destroyed Dave’s house!  Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad… Either way the anxiety I felt stepping into my home just days ago almost made me go back out and sleep on the stairs outside my door!  I have to do something about this!

635980616378545639231726359_garbage-bag-china-factory-companyI’ve been researching and applying minimalism concepts throughout this entire year but for some reason, it’s just not working for me.  I’m so scatterbrained, and I lose focus quickly.  So instead of cleaning one closet at a time, it would end up being a house-wide project all at once.  Getting rid of a few things from this shelf,  would turn into me trying to get rid of everything from everywhere!  All the books, blogs, documentaries and plethora of minimalism videos from YouTube weren’t working!  At least, not for me.  Most of the people I found dishing out these tips and plans were either plain Jane’s, organization masters, or neat freaks.   Now, as much as I liked to think of myself as a well organized and neat individual, it quickly became apparent that this idea was only a figment of my imagination; as I found myself standing in the middle of my bedroom unable to see the wooden floors. I stepped into the hallway, only to realize that, I had slowly created several not-so-small piles of stuff all over my house!  Simply standing in the hallway brought me so much immediate anxiety.  What had I done?frustrationI have read and heard many times over that minimalism wasn’t really about getting rid of everything, rather clearing out your life to create time and space for the things that bring peace, joy,  functionality, and quality to each day you live .   But despite all the studying I’d done, none of the tips, plans, or concepts were actually working for me.  Cleaning up, had always been an all day/week event for me.  I’ve never cleaned like most individuals. For example: Let’s say I started cleaning in the dining room and find a comb that belongs in the bathroom. I would take the comb to it’s proper home and then start cleaning the bathroom.  While cleaning the bathroom, I may notice that I need to dump the trash; and that will land me in the kitchen, so I’d start on the dishes… and so forth.  I’d end up cleaning small portions of just about each room in my house without actually finishing any of them, until sometimes days later. Regardless to how hard I try, this is and has always been my struggle.  But with lots of patience, I learned to just dealt with it. _87772655_87772653 I started to look for tips to to become a minimalist despite my scattered brain.  I couldn’t find a thing! Thus, my journey to create a minimalism strategy for the scatterbrained!  So far, its working far better than I expected.  Living a more minimalistic lifestyle may be more difficult and it may take longer for me than for others, but in my opinion, its realistic and well worth it!  The strategies I’m finding will also help parents and spouses who can’t figure out how to make this lifestyle work.

Feel free to follow me on this journey and offer suggestions that may be helpful.

by, Grace


I am a firm believer in the scripture that tells us that out of our hearts are the issues of our lives!  See Proverbs 4:23.  I used to think this was only applicable in human to human relationships.  I now understand that this principle is applicable to every area of life.  The anxieties, stress, hurt, joy, peace and love in your heart will inevitalbly show in your everyday activities.  If you are ignoring things like stress, anxiety, or hurt in your heart, it is safe to say that you may ignoring other things you should probably be paying attention to.  You are likely displaying those “heart issues” with procrastination, isolation, irrational decisions, impulsive behaviors and habits, and even  with “depression” like symptoms.  When you begin to work on resolving your “heart issues”  you will notice extreme dissatisfaction with the behaviors you are displaying.  You will have the urge to fix everything all at once!  That zeal is fantastic!  But be careful to start with a solid foundation and then begin building brick by brick. You may notice that everything in your life has a “domino effect” so starting at the very beginning is absolutely necessary!  For example, if you are stressed about the amount of material items you have, consider you may have a shopping problem.  Now consider why you shop so much.  Are you distracting yourself from dealing with a certain “heart issue”?  If so, consider what that is and work on fixing that first. Once you have a hold on that issue, you might notice you shop less, collect less, spend less, save more, and eventually have created a more peaceful environment to live in.  Take baby steps.

“The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time” – Dave Ramsey


Focusing on the “baby steps” will allow you to acquire patience, create productive habits, achieve results, and establish a healthy momentum towards reaching your goals.  Getting a handle on minimalism anxieties require patience above all else.

James 1:4-8 (KJV)

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

Father, help me to be patient with this process. Love, Lana

by, Grace


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