Stress Free Suds!- Minimalism Series

Stepping In My Stilettos

Stress-Free Suds!- Minimalism Series

DISHES!!!! Oh my goodness, the sink is full!  –FACEPALM- Gosh I hate doing dishes!   Why are there so many?  Why does it seem like they hate me?  How did I get so many? This mug says: “world greatest teacher,”  but I’m not a teacher, so where did this come from?  –SIGH- Where are the tops to these containers? Why are there so many? Is this pile growing bigger by the minute? I think I’m going to have to soak this skillet a little longer. -UGHH- This is the worst!  WHY ARE THERE SO MANY?!  Did I just lose an hour in front of the sink? Omgsh, is this life??? I’m just kidding….WAIT, no I’m not.

I AM being dramatic, but this is what doing the dishes is like for me. Tons of scattered anxious thoughts almost equivalent to panic.  My primary chore as a child was doing the dishes (due to the fact that I would procrastinate for literally HOURS–now I HATE doing them!)  Do you have dirty dishes growing out of your sink too? Run for it! LOL. Just kidding.. keep reading! 

By, Grace


Doing dishes for most of us, is the single most annoying chore to do around the house!  It’s the one chore that you have to continue to repeat throughout the duration of the day otherwise, you’ll regret it!  Whether you trust your dishwasher to complete this chore for you or if you’d rather bust suds between your fingertips, “doing the dishes” is a chore that is NEVER completed… for long.

Standing at my sink one evening, I realized that I needed to change the way I did this chore.   Looking at the dirty dishes at the end of the day really frustrated me.  I had a troubling thought run across my mind at the time.  “What if you just got rid of all these dishes.” Could I just use disposable dishes?  I began to mull over the idea in my head but kept finding excuses to keep them all.   However, lately I’ve been discovering more minimal, simple, and meaningful ways to live.  Though quite the journey, I must say it is MOST beneficial as it pours over into every aspect of your life.  I digress.  In that moment, standing at the sink, I forced myself to explore why I didn’t want to get rid of the dishes.  Sorting them out, I began to notice that I kept this massive amount of dishes for either sentimental reasons or because I spent too much money on a specific item.  I kept dishes people had given to me and pans that were too expensive for me to get rid of. It’f funny to say, but I had emotional attachments to DISHES!!! –It happens people! (don’t judge me)

I closed my eyes,  took a few deep slow breaths and made a decision!  Sometimes, you have to pull your thoughts away from your emotions, take a deep breath, and make a logical decision.  I was only one person.  I live alone.  I rarely have guests, but I could easily store away a set of dishes for the company I rarely have.  That night i decide to get rid of the shelf full of drinking glasses and just keep two.  I got rid of a full shelf of mugs, only keeping 2.  The Plates, bowls, silverware, pots and pans all had to go! I only kept one full set of cookware and 2 full sets of dishes and silverware.  I let go of the things that I knew I didn’t NEED.    I also meal plan and prep so I have a ton of plastic containers.  Any container I found without a top and vice versa, had to go.  Three large boxes and 10 shelves later,  my cabinets seemed bare but my mind was at peace! The heavier the boxes of dishes became, the lighter I became.  With a sigh of relief, I saw that I now had dishes for two and that is all that I needed!  A sense of calmness enveloped me, as I had just let go of things that added stress to my life.  A clean and empty sink will be a lot easier to maintain.  Order in the kitchen is attainable! Even if you have a family, consider letting go of the dishes you don’t need.  If you have a family of 5, you probably could benefit from keeping ONLY 5 sets of dishes available.  Perhaps you are teaching your children or grandchildren to help out around the house, try color coding or assigning dish sets to each child.  This will teach them responsibility, accountability and even respect for one another.  If Susie’s cup is dirty and Susie is thirsty, then Susie needs to clean her cup.  That’s just a small suggestion.  Allow your imagination to soar.  But I can guarantee you that getting rid of excess dishes you don’t need will reward you with relief!  Come on, challenge yourself! You KNOW you don’t need every dish you have.   You could even sell the expensive items and donate the rest.  Such a small decision can and will go a very long way!  Do it right away and thank me later!

Many of us have been blessed to have an abundance of material items, but we dread taking care of them.  Neglecting to take care of an item that you have been blessed to have actually shows ungratefulness.   Rather than practice ungrateful behaviors, try to bless someone else with things that you are not willing or able to take care of.  Not only are you helping someone else, but you are creating habits that model thankfulness, alleviating stress, and freeing up your time to do other things you enjoy.

Until Next Time.

Lana…by Grace

1 Corinthians 14:40 King James Version (KJV)  Let all things be done decently and in order.

I was inspired by Amy Hale to make this little web/chart

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  1. kdabreu says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I’m certain we all can relate to the metaphor of washing dishes. Our “sinks pile up” often and cause so many other issues in our “kitchen”. And we furthermore know that “cleaning” to get free of stress is a must because RIGHT before that scripture you mentioned we also see 1 Corinthians 14:33 tells us, “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace…”
    We’ve got to clean up in order to get the peace we’ve been promised.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. VERY TRUE! thank you for this comment!! @kdabreu

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mom says:

    Great ideals…. I am sold..

    Liked by 1 person

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